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Letter from Secretary General

Honorable Chairpersons,
Esteemed Guests,
Dear Prospective Delegates,

It is my immense pleasure and honour to find myself in this position of welcoming you to the third edition of BacauMUN. After being founded here, in the heart of Moldavia, back in 2015, this year represented a big change for the BacauMUN Conference. The old team, formed of eminent students of “Gheorghe Vranceanu” National College and who will be studying starting with this year at some of the most prestigious Universities of Romania and Europe, passed the responsibility of organizing the conference to a fresh new team which promises to provide you with one of the best experiences you ever had.

This Conference will take place at Colegiul “Nicolae Vasilescu Karpen” from Bacau between 20th and 22nd of October and it represents a great opportunity for you to surround yourself with people with whom you might have common interests and goals, intelligent people whom know their worth and their importance in nowadays society, to discover new dimensions and to challenge yourself in order to get rid of your own subjectivity during the three days of debate. You will be given a country in a specific Committee, having to defend its interests regardless of whether you personally agree on the topic discussed or not. You will have to form alliances with other delegates and build up together strategies and put them into a resolution which will be debated and voted by the whole Committee later on. A good sense of criticism, the power of being objective, public speaking skills, respect and many more personal abilities are developed within a MUN.

Talking from my own experience at BacauMUN, I could say I had the opportunity to see from all points of view this conference and I could honestly say that all of them were great. My very first MUN was BacauMUN 2015. I was the delegate of Romania in the Human Rights Committee and, to be honest, I was overwhelmed by other more experienced delegates, but I discovered a new interesting activity for myself. One year later, after gaining some experience in debating and public speaking, I had the opportunity to represent the United States of America in the Political Committee, a much bigger country, which requested much more implication from my side and which even brought me an award. Today, after another Model United Nations Conferences across the country, I am the proud Secretary General of BacauMUN which invites you all to be part of a project which could offer you a lot of new perspectives just as it offered me. It is not my project or our project, nor the project of the old team, but it is a project which belongs to the community and which aims to change lives and attitudes for the better. The only thing you have to do is to apply as a delegate and the rest will come out naturally. Wait no more!

Best regards,
Andrei-Armand Plesca, Secretary General of BacauMUN 2017